Episode 1: The creator of BAYWATCH shares how the billion dollar brand almost failed

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Welcome to Episode 1 of Setbacks and Success.

To get things rolling, grab your red bathing costume…

It was the “most watched TV show in the world.”

At it’s peak, Baywatch had a weekly audience of 1.1 billion people in 148 countries, translated into 44 different languages.

However, the show was certainly not a success at first. In fact, it took 10 years of hard slog to get to our screens, and then, it was promptly cancelled after just one season.

Creator Greg Bonann takes us behind the scenes – and shares how he overcame almost insurmountable setbacks – to create what became – the most watched tv show on the planet.


  • The best piece of advice Greg’s father gave him (3:35)
  • Why Greg’s first career as a lifeguard allowed him to define what success really is ( 4:56)
  • How a dramatic save of 2 kids on the beach resulted in a pitch meeting for Baywatch (13:25)
  • How Baywatch began it’s life as a failed show and was cancelled after Season #1 (18:55)
  • How a throwaway comment made by Greg’s father changed EVERYTHING (22:25)
  • The incredible, ballsy business decision that resulted in Baywatch becoming the most watched tv show in the world! (30:32)
  • And much more….

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