Episode 6: Jonny Benjamin MBE | Mental health campaigner, author and vlogger

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Welcome to Episode 6 of Setbacks and Success.

In 2008, 20 year old Jonny Benjamin climbed the railing at London’s Waterloo Bridge, with the intention to jump and kill himself.

However, a passing stranger realizing what was about to happen, began speaking to Jonny, eventually persuading him to reconsider.

That random stranger changed Jonny’s life.

6 years later Johhny launched a campaign to highlight the importance of mental health, and to relocate this man who had saved his life.

The campaign was supported by various high-profile people including Stephen Fry, Boy George, and the British Prime Minister (at the time) David Cameron.

Added to that, millions of people shared Jonny’s story online and the hashtag “FindMike” trended around the world.

In this episode of Setbacks & Success, Jonny shares his story…

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