Episode 7:  Actor Jason Issacs talks about his role in the incredible movie Hotel Mumbai

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Welcome to Episode 7 of Setbacks and Success.

In this episode I am joined by the British actor Jason Issacs.

Jason is one of the stars of the new film Hotel Mumbai.

The films tells the terrifying true story, of a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Mumbai, in 2008.

The attacks took place in many different parts of the City, but the main focus was on the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.


For 3 days, the hotel was home of horrific violence, as terrorists slowly and systematically worked their way through the building.

However – Hotel Mumbai really is a story about the resilience and heroism of the staff of the hotel – who despite the atrocities – worked tirelessly and selflessly to protect and save the guests.

The movie itself is one of the most gripping and equally terrifying films I have seen in a long time.

Jason Issacs plays one of the guests, and he shares his story in this episode of Setbacks and Success…


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